How to collect EVP

How to collect EVP

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon, a method used by ‘ghost hunters’ and ITC researchers. (ITC – Instrumental TransCommunication). It has been found that if you have a recording device and a bit of time and patience, you may find something, on playback, which wasn’t there originally. The voices of the dead, or even extraterrestrials. Here are two methods of EVP collection.

Transform or Ambient EVP collection

You can collect EVP by using ambient sounds, even simple household sounds such as a tumble dryer. Or if outside, the sounds of the street or birdsong.

Take with you a digital recording device and find a fairly quiet spot where you aren’t likely to be disturbed. Sit for a while and let your thoughts focus on the reason for being where you are. This allows your intentions to be heard. Ask a question in a normal conversational voice, something simple like “Hello, I’m here to listen for your voices. Is there anything you would like to say?” (which beats “Is there anybody there…….”). Do this several times, perhaps in several locations. The location is not important. You do not have to be sitting in the dark in a graveyard. When you return home listen back to the recording, slowly. If you have a computer you can do this by downloading a programme called ‘Audacity‘ and loading your newly created recorded file into the programme. Plug headphones in and using the programme go very very slowly through the recording. You can also use ‘effects’ to make the recording clearer, you may in particular wish to ‘change tempo’ to slow any suspected EVP down. Typically EVP are delivered very quickly and the human ear will know there’s speech there but it will be too fast to identify. My own favoured method of capturing EVP is by using gibberish. See below.

Electronic mediumship – Gibberish

In this section I will discuss how to use gibberish to capture EVP. Gibberish is as it sounds – it’s human speech, but completely unrecognizable because it has been cut up into tiny chunks and scrambled so that hopefully the entire phonetic alphabet is present.

In recent years, communicators from the afterlife have been using this method to communicate with us here on earth. Unfortunately there is only one programme that I know of that can scramble speech, and the website is no longer there. If you wish to use this method you can use one of my files. Contact me over at my ITC Journal and I will make one for you.

You will also need to use Audacity for this method. Open the gibberish file with another method (I use Groove), ready to record using Audacity. Again prepare yourself. Sit in silence, contemplate, send out silent thoughts (or even speak aloud). When I first started ITC research I started out very patiently with standard questions, typically of the ‘repeat’ variety. After sending love and your intentions out press play on the gibberish file and record on Audacity. Here are some standard questions for you

Questions for those in the light (afterlife)

While you are still a beginner, leave about ten seconds between each question for the reply and keep to about five questions.

“Is there anybody available to communicate? If so, please say ‘we are here'”
“Is the signal getting through? If so, please say signal”
And then you could try some repeat questions.
“Please repeat after me … London”
“Please repeat after me… Goldfish”
I have deliberately chosen goldfish as it’s obscure and difficult to mistake.

Remember – you will (probably) not hear anything as you are recording. You are playing gibberish (through your speakers), so you will hear nonsense background noise. It is only on playback that you will hear just how remarkable the communicators are. I have no doubt, no doubt, that if you are serious, patient and diligent, you will receive EVP. I received EVP on my very first recording and I consider myself extremely privileged – some people take much much longer and will only get one word. On my first recording, right at the end I said ‘thank you very much’ and a reply came “You’re welcome”. I have now been using this method for years and it is common for me to get almost entire sentences. The most recent one that I can recall is ‘Where the hell did that rat go?!” Which is a far cry from a single syllable word, even if I am left puzzled as to why there would be a rat there! Whilst this is amazing, you should know that there is so much more to ITC and some brilliant and focused researchers doing fantastic work in this field including afterlife communication by video link. Yes. Really.

I have intentionally kept this ‘how to’ beginners guide to afterlife and EVP basic to give you some idea of how it works. If you are interested in becoming an ITC researcher (a more accurately global name than EVP collector), please contact me at my other site and give it a good read. We need more people this side to help us with our work. If you would rather have a listen first, check out my own ITC research and EVP archives.

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